Transition & Employment

Since 2000, we’ve focused several of our projects on customized community employment for youth with significant disabilities. We have developed and implemented unique models of transition planning that continue to evolve as we learn more from the youth and families with whom we work.

Customized EmploymnetCustomized Employment

Work experiences created for the individual student based upon their needs, strengths and interests.

Self Employment


Options for work experience for students with more significant support needs as wage employment.

Social Security


Information on incorporating Social Security Work Incentives into transition employment planning.

Alternatives to GuardianshipAlternatives to Guardianship Toolkit

The Alternatives to Guardianship Toolkit is designed to help you become aware of supported decision-making and other options in the areas of education, health care, and finances.

Emerging LeadersEmerging Leader Stories

Highlights and stories of young Montanans with developmental disabilities living, learning, working and actively participating in their communities.


If you are a young adult or teenager with special health needs and/or a disability, a family member, or a professional serving transition-age youth, these resources are for you.

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